BEx Exchange Leadership Workshop

Join me for an unforgettable half-day workshop

Registration is open for the highly anticipated BEx Exchange on October 29!

As the facilitator for this half-day event, I will be discussing the skills and strategies you can use to lead your team to thrive in a world of relentless change. And as with all things SNoW Co – it will be informative, it will be inspiring, and it will be interactive.

As leaders, our goal is to set up our organization, customers, and team members for success. Change has always been inevitable, but the recent events have significantly disrupted that goal and introduced challenges beyond what most of us have ever had to navigate.

There are real barriers to move our organizations from surviving to thriving.

Leveraging over a decade of research and personal experience, I will share with you practical insights, grounded in science, to help you lead others, not only to survive change but to thrive.

Throughout my presentation, I will be weaving in the teachings of Harvard professors Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky’s Adaptive Leadership Model and Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s work on Immunity to Change.

By attending, you will accelerate recovery, navigate resistance, and build resilience during times of change by learning:

  • The behavioral science behind why people struggle with change
  • A framework to diagnose and understand the challenges you are facing as a leader
  • Ways leaders create unnecessary stress during change
  • Practical strategies to help ourselves and others navigate change