BEx Exchange VIP Resources


Thank you for attending the 2020 Virtual BEx Exchange! We thoroughly enjoyed gathering with so many curious minds to explore leading through change and were blown away by your powerful engagement. As valued VIP attendees we’ve organized all bonus materials in one location to make it easy for you to continue your learning journey. If you run into any technical issues accessing the recordings or downloading documents please contact us at

Bonus Materials

Bonus Materials

Leaders Toolkit Program

As a special thank you for purchasing a VIP ticket, Results is excited to extend you one complimentary pass to attend a Leaders Toolkit program.

The Leaders Toolkit is comprised of a virtual 4-part series, each 2 hours in duration, and is led by one of our experienced Business Execution Specialists.

  • Session 1: Cultural Chemistry - create teams that “click”, foster connection, build trust, grow psychological safety and vulnerability
  • Session 2: Culture of Accountability - process, tools, and techniques to establish and maintain high levels of accountability and productivity
  • Session 3: Effective Meetings - meeting rhythms and tips to help your organization run meetings that meet objectives 
  • Session 4: Giving & Receiving Feedback - create a culture of open feedback and caring candor

Normally priced at $476 per participant, your complimentary pass may be used by any leader or manager in your organization. Dates for our next program will be set in the coming weeks, and once available we will reach out with your discount code. In the meantime, you can find details on the program here:

From Complaints to Creation: A powerful tool for facilitating emotionally charged conversations

As leaders we regularly facilitate conversations that explore tough situations. We know it is critical to gather multiple perspectives not only to gain powerful insights, but that these conversations increase ownership and accelerate action within our organization. How can we have conversations about emotionally charged challenges in a way that is constructive and creative? Using this powerful discussion framework invites thoughtful reflection and productive solutions. The best part is this approach can be used in conversations of a few up to hundreds.

Bonus Video: Complete Interview with Robyn Woods

Bonus Video: Complete Interview with Iggy Domagalski

Mentimeter Insight

During our time together we collected wisdom around challenges to change using the tool Mentimeter. Attached is the full report of those insights gathered from you and your colleagues. May this information inspire you and remind you aren’t alone in your challenges.