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Call In The Experts

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I have had a few interactions with Tamsen Webster, the mastermind behind The Red Thread. I attended an intensive workshop in Boston and she came to Des Moines for a day-long workshop with my team.  The lessons I’ve learned and the profound knowledge she shares still hums within me months later. I could write 5 more blogs about this, but this blog is about my experience prior to leaving for Boston. 
When I would tell people I was going to work with a speaking coach to help me create more powerful content, I had at least three people say, “Oh you don’t need that!” While this was flattering, it also surprised me. Is there ever a time when we should stop growing and learning? How often do we put limitations on our own capabilities and possibilities by thinking we are fully cooked? 
Just as a quick test, how often have you said these sentences in the last few months…and remember, saying them in your head counts! 
I’m too old for that! 
I already know enough. 
I teach it, so I know it. 
I’ve been in this field for 15 years, I’m already an expert. 
I don’t have the funds to pay for that.
Tally time! I’m willing to bet that you had at least one checkmark by a statement. Here is what is so interesting to me. We don’t bat an eye at great athletes or artists having multiple coaches. Baseball teams have coaches for each aspect of the game from running to hitting to fielding to pitching. Great runners have a running coach, a massage therapist, and a strength coach. Actors have acting coaches, dialect coaches, and voice and movement coaches. You know what makes people great in these areas? They never stop striving for greatness. 

Make Development a Team Effort

Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking of development as a solo sport and make it a team effort. Maybe it’s time to slay the excuses and put aside your ego. And maybe it’s time to call in the experts and up-level your game. This is how athletes become great. Heck, this is how peewee football leagues win the city league title! 
One of my many goals is to find “coaches” for creating more meaningful content, to strengthen my speaking performance, and business growth. Some of these people I will hire, some of these people I will have as peer mentors, and some of these people are friends who push me to think differently. 
I know this will cost money. I know this will push me and make me uncomfortable at times. And I know it’s all worth it. 

Get Curious

So, who are the coaches you need to increase your growth? Who do you need to call in to expand your potential? I’m curious to hear! 

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