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Episode 32: A Conversation on Layoffs with Dr. Melanie Peacock and T. Maxine Woods-McMillan (Part 2)

A Conversation on Layoffs with Dr. Melanie Peacock and T. Maxine Woods-McMillan Part 2

In part two of their panel discussion, Sarah Noll Wilson and her guests, Dr. Melanie Peacock and T. Maxine Woods-McMillan, Esq., focus on the emotions involved with the termination of employment.

About our guests

Dr. Melanie Peacock, PhD, MBA, FCPHR, SHRM-SCP has over 30 years of experience as a Human Resource Management professional, is an Associate Professor at Mount Royal University, and past president of the Faculty Association. Dr. Peacock was the first woman of color and the first women in over 28 years to hold this position. Dr. Peacock is also the President of Western University’s Alumni Board. She obtained her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta, her MBA from Western University, and her PhD at the University of Calgary. As a senior manager and consultant, through Double M Training and Consulting, Dr. Peacock has led HR initiatives that create systems, processes, and policies that enable organizations to engage their employees and achieve strong results. Dr. Peacock was presented with HRD’s 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award in the HR Industry at the Canadian HR Awards. Additionally, in 2022, 2021 and 2020 she was named to HRD magazine’s list of the top 100 HR global professionals and was acknowledged in HRD magazine’s 2017 Hotlist as one of the top 30, most influential HR practitioners in Canada. Due to her extensive knowledge, Dr. Peacock is a sought-after media contributor and commentator. She also has authored books regarding HR management concepts, training and development and change management.

Throughout her career, T. Maxine Woods-McMillan has been known as The Great Translator – finding ways to make parties with differing, and at times, competing interests understand the position of the other. And when that has not been successful, her talented advocacy skills make her equally effective at getting the fact finder in a dispute to see the position of her client. Maxine’s practice focuses on employment law, business dispute resolution, and workplace equity and equality. She represents employees when their rights have been violated and is also a trusted advisor and trainer for employers and their staff to help prevent the violation of those rights before it occurs. She is a compassionate yet formidable advocate in the areas of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, pregnancy, religion, national origin, and age, as well as sexual or racial harassment and wrongful/retaliatory termination. She also brings niche understanding to the distinct dynamic created when the workplace intersects with a family relationship or is a part of a faith community, and is particularly equipped to assist with legal advocacy in those areas.

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