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What would a company built for humans look like?

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Hello my fearless learners! 

This week I want to try something different with the blog. Normally I share stories, theories, and tips to help support your personal and professional development. The content comes from my research, lessons learned from my clients as well as my own life experience. Well this week my brain has been in a curious overload around a specific topic:

What would a company built for the human experience look like in practice? 

Many of our organizational systems and structures are focused on efficiency and effectiveness specifically to drive outcomes to serve the company. Yes, a company does need to be sustainable, but can it also be supportive of the true human experience of those that work there? And I am not talking about the basic benefits like health care, or close but not quite supportive benefits like bereavement policies that limits your grieving to a set number of days based on the biological, not emotional, relationship. 

What do I mean by the human experience? Jason Lauritsen recently wrote about this topic in his blog “What does it mean to be a human at work?” Which beautifully explains that organizations need to understand that we humans…

  • Want to succeed
  • Are scared
  • Are weird
  • Are emotional
  • Are flawed
  • Have dreams
  • Want to be loved
  • Want to know we matter

Let’s dream together. Imagine an organization that powerfully balances the needs of the company with the complexity of the humans.

What would that look like? 

What systems and structures would be in place?

What would you see when you walked into the space? 

What are leaders doing differently? What are team members doing differently? 

I want to learn from you! Actually, let’s learn from each other! Let’s explore this topic together in a special private group on Facebook called the “Chronically Curious Club” where only members of the group can see the conversation. 

 Join and share your thoughts today! 

I can’t wait to explore and expand on our weekly blog topics.

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