Chief of Staff

Join our Team! Now Hiring: Chief of Staff for Sarah Noll Wilson

A team of big thinkers is looking for a colleague who can get down in the weeds and manage the details of the daily operations. The key areas of impact for the Chief of Staff will be amplifying and expanding our infrastructure for task management, including managing client workflow, managing information and communication, and providing organization and support for our CEO, Sarah Noll Wilson.

More specifically, we need a Chief of Staff to expand our team’s bandwidth and resources by:

  • Quickly integrating into our organization
  • Creating systems and processes to streamline operations
  • Keeping the job list up-to-date and assisting the team to stay on track to meet timelines
  • Addressing issues that serve as barriers to our maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Preparing for the week ahead, including ensuring the team has all the information needed to be as productive as possible and all materials are accessible
  • Managing Sarah’s schedule including meetings, engagements, preparation time, research, interviews, and rest/recovery
  • Acting as a gatekeeper for Sarah’s email, schedule, and general involvement in tasks
  • Communicating directly with clients and potential clients over email and phone and in person at events
  • Manage, order, and mail items like supplies, merchandise, and books
  • Attend team and client meetings as directed; take meeting notes on behalf of the team
  • Coordinate with independent contractors as needed
  • Occasionally act as a personal assistant to Sarah by running errands, etc.

Who Should Apply? If the following items describe and excite you, this might be a great fit:

  • Jump in and take the initiative to get things done

  • Think ahead and anticipate needs

  • Collaborate as part of a team

  • Engage in ongoing reflection and learning

  • Maintain organization and follow job procedures

  • Maintain openness and flexibility when it comes to day-to-day workload and tasks

  • Be willing to adapt

  • Be curious, resilient, reflective, self-aware

  • Have a detail-oriented mind

  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Be a strong time manager

  • Think critically and problem solve

  • Build and maintain relationships

  • Value inclusion and acceptance for all humans

  • Help others (especially Sarah) follow procedures

About our work at SNoWCo

We are a growing leadership coaching and consulting company who serves individual clients and organizations who are looking to grow their impact by increasing their knowledge and skills in key areas of change leadership, deepening trust, and purposeful conversations. As the company grows, we are challenged to maintain our balance, take on just the right amount of work, and keep pushing forward as thought leaders.

While we do this work externally for our clients, we strive to embody these values:

  • Honor everyone’s viewpoints, perspectives, and thinking processes

  • Create meaningful and powerful things by exploring each other’s experiences

  • Show genuine care for each other

  • Allow things to breathe; give space and reflection time for big ideas

  • Everyone on the team has spot at the table and everyone feels validated

  • We are valued for who we are as individuals; your honest self is welcome

  • It is important to hold space for emotions—whether they are related to our work together or to our lives outside of work

  • Enjoy flexibility with our hours and seek balance

  • Experimenting and evolving constantly

  • Open to trying new things

  • Values being honest even when it’s hard

When/Where/How much?

Target Start: December 2020/January 2021

Location: Central Iowa—close proximity to the Des Moines metro, our studio is located downtown, but you will work from home as well. Our work is virtual for the foreseeable future.

Target Salary: $45,000/year, salaried Non-exempt. Expectation is an average of 35 hours per week with overtime paid for work above and beyond 40-hour work weeks.


We believe in building a company that is designed not only to serve the clients but also to serve the humans who make up the company. What does this mean? That people have full autonomy over how they work; our goal is results, not hours put in. As a growing small business, we recognize that while we have limitations around the tangible benefits we can offer at this time, we are committed to creative options and powerful intangible benefits. As the company grows, so will the benefits.

Tangible Benefits:

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation to be used within each calendar year

  • Paid holidays including MLK, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving + end of year shut down Dec 23rd – Jan 1

  • Annual Profit Sharing – On top of your annual salary we offer a profit sharing compensation program based on the performance of the company.  
  • Flexible work structure: At SNoWCo, we believe that each person can and should own when, how and where we work. As such we do not follow a traditional model of Monday-Friday 40-hour work week. While we have time sensitive needs related client support, each person works in collaboration with the team to define your idea working hours.

  • We do not offer health insurance at this time, however if you do not have other means of obtaining health insurance we will provide a monthly stipend of $300 to contribute to health insurance costs.

Intangible Benefits:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with a team of humans who is compassionate, curious, and courageous and fiercely committed to making this world a better place one conversation at a time.

  • Work on projects that create a ripple of impact beyond bottom line results.

  • Contribute to building a company that aspires to be a role model for human first work environments

  • Personal and professional development as a result of the nature of our events, research, and conversations.


No travel requirements – Currently all events are delivered virtually. Once we start traveling there may be opportunities to join the team at events and conferences.

Ready to Apply? Great! Please send your resume and cover letter to Memorea Schrader at In your cover letter, please address the following questions: What makes you excited about the possibility of joining our team? What you would bring to SNoWCo to support our work?

We are excited to hear from you! Have questions? You can email those to Memorea, too.