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My style has been described as “teaching from the soul."  I create and deliver transformational experiences where I talk with the audience instead of at them. My goal is to give presentations that engage and inspire with powerful content, current research, transformative exercises, practical tips, vulnerable stories, and, of course, humor. 


Opening keynotes that ignite your event with inspiration and impact
Thought-provoking breakout sessions
VIP conference experiences for sponsors and other special guests
Entertaining networking facilitation
Closing keynotes to ground audiences in their learning and inspire action

From I to We: Building Trust One Conversation at a Time

Humans thrive when we are included, valued, learning, and contributing in meaningful ways. We thrive when stress and conflict is productive. But thriving is not a solo job. Our success personally and professionally is directly impacted by the quality of our relationships.  One way the we increase the quality of our relationships is by increasing the quality of our conversations.  We build relationships one conversation at a time and each conversation will impact our level of trust. The problem is most of us spend our time on autopilot, responding from a place of habit and our brains are naturally wired to protect us.

How do we move from a place of protection and exclusion to one of partnership and inclusion? We accomplish this by shifting from being I-Centric to WE-Centric.

Leveraging bold, new research on the neuroscience of trust, I will introduce the audience to the practice of Conversational Intelligence®.  I will guide your audience through thinking about trust differently and give practical tips for creating more powerful relationships through conversation.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the neuroscience of trust
  • Introduce the concept of “Amygdala Hijacking”
  • Discover two simple practices for creating deeper trust in conversations
  • Illustrate conversational blind spots

The elephant in the room…is it you?”

The elephant in the room appears when something goes without being said or dealt with AND is creating a distraction or barrier to success. Are these elephants the result of someone intentionally trying to distract or create a barrier?  In most cases, no! Most people do not wake up asking themselves, “Gee, how I can be a barrier to success today?” Rather, typically the cause is a gap between our intentions and our impact. And if we don’t pay close attention to that gap, we could find ourselves becoming the elephant that needs to be called out.

Built on inspiring research, powerful stories, and my personal model for understanding our impact, this presentation will help you become aware of your blind spots so that you can have the impact you’ve always intended.

You will leave this provocative presentation with powerful tools to help you honestly examine your intentions and strategies to close the gap between those intentions and your impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how we judge our own intentions differently than the intentions of others
  • Define the levels of intentions
  • Learn and apply Sarah’s model “The Gap” to think differently about your impact
  • Practice challenging your assumptions

Free the elephants! Making difficult conversations less difficult

Do people in your organization engage in the phenomenon known as “violent politeness”? Examples of this politeness include note having honest conversations, not offering up dissenting opinions, or not naming the unmentionables. In this silence things like mistrust, lack of clarity, and disengagement can emerge and block our ability for greater success.

Armed with research, practical advice, and powerful stories, this presentation will teach you how to shift from violent politeness to candid, curious, and compassionate conversations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define barriers and create drivers to developing more honest and curious relationships
  • Explore the neuroscience behind stress
  • Learn how to deconstruct your stories and assumptions about a situation or another person
  • Define different types of “elephants”
  • Learn a powerful technique for starting a difficult conversation

Closing the Confidence Gap: Your Saboteur and You

Success is equal parts competence as well as confidence. Most people will experience times of lower confidence; however, it is consistently proven that women, globally, experience a significantly lower sense of self, worth, and ability than men. While there are real external barriers to women’s success, often it is our internal barriers that cause avoidable damage.

Armed with new research, practical advice, and powerful stories, I teach women what they need to know about the gender confidence gap, how to quiet their inner critical voice, and ways to amplify their natural wisdom from within.  

You’ll leave this motivational experience with increased awareness of how your thoughts drive behavior, tips to quiet your inner critical voice, and inspiration to play fully brave.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover a new way to look at the way we hold ourselves back
  • Develop strategies to quiet our “Saboteurs”
  • Discover and amplify our “Sages”
  • Experience the true power of acknowledgement

*This presentation can and has been adjusted to shift focus to both genders


Becoming a powerful mental health champion for yourself and others

At 32, I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder, and at 36, ADHD. Both of these personal experiences led me through a transformative (and difficult) journey into understanding mental health from a biological perspective, discovering how mental health challenges impact our lives, and realizing how we as a society aren’t equipped for supporting ourselves or others peoples' challenges with mental health. This journey of self discovery, resilience, and compassion created an evolution explosion in how I approach self-care and advocate for others to do the same.

This inspiring, informative, and humorous look at mental health is grounded in science, human behavioral studies, personal experiences, and powerful stories from others who learned to manage their mental health challenges.

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