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Emerging Leaders Coaching Program

Emerging Leaders: Design Your Impact

Develop your leadership practice today, so when opportunity knocks tomorrow, you are ready.

Develop greater self-awareness to show up as your best self.

Close the gap between what you intend and the impact you make.

Identify and develop high-performance leadership habits.


Are you among them?

The Emerging Leaders Coaching Program is a virtual leadership development program led by the innovative and passionate Kristin Sauter for high-potential professionals, those who feel ready to take the next step in their career, and potential management candidates that allows you to safely explore, experiment and evolve a customized suite of effective leadership skills, tools, and habits.

Is this leadership program right for you?

Personalized Leadership Development

You understand leadership is not “one size fits all,” and so do we.

That is why our expert leadership coaches will design a three-month program customized to your needs and the impact you desire. You will be guided through each session as you learn to implement research and learnings from the program in your workplace.

Amplify Individual Leadership Impact

You are seeking to investigate and develop leadership ideas to help you better lead yourself and others—no matter the situations you may find yourself in.

You will learn to listen more effectively to yourself and others, develop greater self-awareness, and embrace experimentation to create high-performance habits that distinguish impactful leaders.

Enhance Your Talent Development Curriculum

Are you a Human Resources leader looking for ways to enhance, augment, or replace your talent development curriculum in a cost-effective way? Contact us today to speak with our coaches on how we can assist with identifying and developing your company’s rising talent. The cultivation of a strong leadership pipeline can ensure your company’s long-term health.


  • 100% Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • 3 Months of 1-hour sessions every other week
  • Alternating weeks of guided deep reflection
  • 6 personalized leadership modules
  • Leading-edge expert coaches
  • Available to individuals and organizations


Kristin Sauter, a Co-Active Leadership Coach, is a native German who brings an international perspective to her coaching through her past work in the UK, the United States, Germany and beyond. Kristin’s work with many leaders across the U.S. has allowed her to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of people-focused leadership, what Kristin terms, “PEOPLESHIP.” Kristin shares her passion and advocacy for mental well-being in her coaching with the belief in unashamedly sharing experiences and exploring healthier paths to emotional fitness using the principle of Positive Intelligence.

In the Emerging Leaders Coaching Program, Kristin coaches in a relaxed, conversational, and change-focused style, where her clients guide the topics and the results they want to achieve. Kristin coaches to encourage transformative action for the greatest possible impact in a safe environment, with opportunities to take risks and to explore new ideas, with no topics off limits.


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Impactful leaders are those who are willing to be curious about themselves and others. Using our proprietary Model of Perpetual Learning®, leaders will move through three phases of development. 

Phase One: Explore 

The first phase of the Emerging Leaders Program prioritizes taking time to explore who you are as a leader and who you want to be. The earliest weeks of the program focus on gathering information, getting really clear about your leadership values, and understanding the impact you want to make on yourself and on those you will one day serve as a leader. 

Phase Two: Experiment 

The second phase focuses on experimentation by considering multiple perspectives on leadership and discovering what possibilities could work for your situation. You will work with Kristin to dream about and design your shift from current to future state of behavior and co-create a personal leadership impact statement. 

Phase Three: Evolve 

The final phase will help you identify what you are doing today, that is in alignment with your future leadership identity, as well as those behaviors or habits that may not be serving you. You and Kristin will work together to create a plan of action to help you build habits that will maximize your leadership impact. 

 Organizational Impact 
  • Identify and develop top performers within your company 
  • Retain top talent with development opportunities 
  • Develop your company’s current leaders cost-effectively 
  • Create a pipeline of strong, empathetic, and value-driven leaders 
Individual Impact 
  • Identify and develop leadership habits you value and want to nurture 
  • Learn to embrace experimentation for a growth-oriented mindset 
  • Create impact on yourself and on others 
  • Secure leadership positions faster 

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is 3 months in length and consists of 1-hour coaching sessions every other week. On the weeks where no coaching session occurs, you will continue to work with your coach through deep guided reflections to continue to develop your skills.

People who are currently not in a formal leadership position but would like to be; people who are positioned to soon become a formal leader within their organization; top talent within an organization; anyone who works on a team, serves others within their organization, or desires to become a top performer at work are all ideal people for this program.

Start Your Transformation

Join leaders across the globe who have already begun identifying and building a leadership practice to better serve themselves and their organizations. Limited enrollments available each month.