MEET Katie

Katie Martin
Duchess of Design


I am the Instructional Designer for team Sarah and that means I design and beautify learning materials, build curriculum, and make all of Sarah’s ideas a reality! I have never really been able to settle on one project or passion, and being an instructional designer allows me to bounce around and stretch my creativity muscles. Aside from design work, I am also a technology wizard. There is not a piece of technology I can’t conquer. I LOVE finding ways to step outside of the box and figure out how I can incorporate technology to make life easier and more efficient. I have a BS from Iowa State University in Human Development and Family Studies which led me to leading summer camp programs and challenge courses, which have prepped me well for partnering with Sarah to build engaging learning experiences. Recently, I graduated from Drake University with a MS in Leadership Development where I grew quite fond of research. When I’m not working I have a lot of crafting hobbies, enjoy playing video games and doing as much as possible outside in nature.


I love exploring new concepts, finding new ways to approach ideas and learning new nuggets of knowledge or technology. I love learning whether it be on leadership development or physics (I once had a conversation about the kinesthetic potential energy built up behind a doorknob that was causing it to become warm). Whenever I come across something I don't know much about, I immediately dive in to learn more and find others who want to discover too.


I'll start by saying I'm very crafty. It made me an excellent camp counselor in college. I am a moderately skilled woodworker and dress maker. I have made a mantle, boxes, shelves, and tables and also skirts, jackets, and a bridesmaid's dress. Did I mention I'm crafty?


I hope my use of whimsical learning design will delight learners and help them connect to a concept a little bit better than they would have otherwise. Sarah sets up the A-Ha moments, and I make sure learners have a way to remember that feeling.


I used to be really reserved and quiet, letting others make decisions for me, or allowing them to make me feel undeserving. I play fully brave by taking the reigns on my passions, my development and whatever I need to do to feel like the badass I am. Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants" and Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" gave me a lot of inspiration to unapologetically be me and living in "treat yo self" moments every day.