They Said What?

“I met Sarah at a point in my life where I felt that my learning and growth would continue at a steady pace. I did not expect that our work together would change my life. I don’t know if I would be where I am today without her unyielding support and tools for perspective shift.”

—Lindsey Mollenhauer

“I admire Sarah’s gifts of facilitation, self awareness, humor, humility and so many others. She’s such an authentic person and embraces the good, the not so good in so many ways and inspires others to dig deep and lean into whatever they are experiencing.”

—Erin Barfels, CHRO

“While working with Sarah, I was able to uncover my values and purpose, two powerful discoveries. When I am  intentionally living from my values and purpose, a weight seems to be lifted from my shoulders. When life gets rocky, all I need to do is refocus on my values and purpose to bring things back into alignment. They are the foundation I build upon each day.”

—Memorea Schrader

“I could listen to Sarah all day. She makes me get out of my comfort zone but the information she provides makes it worth it!”

—Iowa State SHRM Participant

“Love Sarah’s presentations. She is an awesome speaker, always very engaging!”

—Iowa State SHRM Participant

“My coaching experience with Sarah has empowered me to literally change the direction of my life because I can rise above my past by changing the way I think.”

—Bonnie Williams

“Sarah was energetic, fun, real and facilitated one of the best trainings I have been to that you can really apply to life, work, and home.”

—Greater Des Moines Leadership Calibrate Participant

“What an amazing opportunity to work with someone of your caliber within our organization. Our relationship was genuine, trustworthy and helped me tremendously to frame up and approach different situations, both personally and professionally.”

—Mike Israel

“Sarah is great to work with. She is very thoughtful in content and delivery methods. Sarah is a dynamic facilitator and deliveries relevant applicable content.”

—Alyssa Johnston

“As someone whose career has involved studying leaders for over a decade, I continue to be blown away by the level of talent, professionalism and insight Sarah possesses. She has helped me to see things more deeply and in new ways.”

—Kelli M. Wood

“I find Sarah Noll to be one of the best presenters in HR. Her perspective and analysis have made me reflect on my practice in so many ways and please keep bringing her back as a presenter!”

—Iowa State SHRM Participant

“Sarah has a talent for engaging and connecting to each person that is rare. Every session is not only enjoyable and intriguing but I always leave with tools and insights to make myself a better coach and leader!”

—Kevin Paulsen

“I was blown away by Sarah. She was dynamic and fun. Not everyone can get you feeling open and energized at 7:30 in the morning.”

—Greater Des Moines Leadership Calibrate Participant

“Working with Sarah has always been a great experience. She provides engaging and interactive development opportunities. Sarah’s programs have always been well received by our members and conference attendees.”

—Sara Deich

“Who knew theatre would be such a great fit with HR? Your presentation style was very enjoyable and personable. Thank you.”

—Iowa State SHRM Participant

“Sarah is incredible. She’s helped me identify my inner saboteurs and develop a healthy relationship with them. This has gone miles in helping me develop healthier relationships with my co-workers, family and friends.”

—Amy Hughes

“Sarah has a gifted and beautiful way of not only interpreting the world, but the human experience, and she guides others to do the same. She guided me to release hindrances holding me back from grabbing onto a new future that I was afraid to dream for myself.”

—Shannon Langan

“Sarah was a really great facilitator. I enjoyed her personal stories and energy she brought to the class. She did a good job of empowering those that attended and giving us good ways to use these techniques in the real world.”

—Greater Des Moines Leadership Calibrate Participant

“Sarah was great. I’d start to think class was getting a little long, but then she’d change it up. I would love to continue to learn from her.”

—Greater Des Moines Leadership Calibrate Participant

“Sarah was not only knowledgeable about the topics, but was able to achieve something that can be difficult for others – engaging the room and keeping participants active in the learning/sharing.”

—Greater Des Moines Leadership Calibrate Participant