We recognize we are in unprecedented times. There is no book for navigating a global pandemic. There are no standard operating procedures for transitioning to a work from home environment while also trying to continue your child's education. We have heard the need for content, and while we are in the heart of this, we want to provide as much easily accessible and free content leveraging the expertise of everyone on our team. Every live webinar will be recorded and updated with a link to watch the recording.



In this webinar we will explore a few practices and tools that you can use to explore our new reality with your team, family, or just yourself.  Now is not the time for surface level conversations and the typical “How are you?” prompt. These exercises create a foundation to have a meaningful conversation. They are powerful tools to have in your Empathetic Leader Toolkit. Though this webinar will have a leadership focus, they can be used in any setting to have a meaningful conversation with family, peers, roommates, significant others. We all need the space to talk about how and why we’re feeling. These tools give us a gentle nudge to start exploring and get curious with each other.



I’ve been in the unique situation where I’ve seen first hand how different teams and companies are responding to the rapidly changing environments. I’ve witnessed “business as usual” to “micromanaging” to “leading with empathy”. What I know for certain is the latter is having the most significant impact. With so much uncertainty and a sense of chaos in our routines, people are looking for the calm in the storm. The reality is that people are experiencing levels of constant stress that most of us have been privileged and protected from. Stress of, “Will I keep my job?” “Will my family stay safe and healthy?” “How will I manage working remotely with two toddlers needing my constant attention?” The list goes on. Amygdalas in the brain are hijacked everywhere! While yes, businesses need to think logically during these times to adapt in new ways, leaders need to demonstrate an even great amount of empathy as we all navigate this new normal for the foreseeable future.

In this webinar we will explore the following together:

  1. Examine what happens to a brain on stress and how that impacts productivity and creativity
  2. Disprove myths of empathy related to leadership effectiveness
  3. Introduce three specific empathetic practices known to reduce stress in others and increase trust
  4. Bonus tool – A practice of how to be empathetic in a challenging relationship

*While the content will be focused towards leading teams at work, please know this webinar will be valuable for anyone who wants to know how to show up more empathetically for the people in their lives.


We recognize there is an onslaught of resources and information for parents with children at home. You are facing a new challenge of working from home, trying to continue your child’s education, and being on Zoom calls with your kids in the background! We’re leveraging our teaching expert on the team, Dr. Teresa Peterson to bring you Teacher time With Teresa! Teresa has a EdD in education and a robust background in childhood learning. We have heard from many of you that this is a topic you are interested in. We want to provide a single source of information to help you form a new normal. On this webinar, Teresa will be tackling:

  • Reliable and succinct resources for grade school, middle school, and high school students
  • Meeting your child where they are at
  • Building out a realistic routine for you and your child
  • Strategies for working from home with children