Real things real people have said to me about their leaders:

  • "Today was a good day because my boss wasn’t at work"
  • "My manager just gets in the way of our team's success"
  • "He withholds information, because he doesn't trust us"
  • "My manager and I haven't talked about my development in years"

No one plans to be the leader those people are talking about. We all have intentions of being the best we can be. But sometimes you may not know how to get there or have the support to back you up.

Basic RGB

Knowing what your best looks like is not the same as being your best. When you show up at your best, you inspire others to do the same.



Are you a leader who…

  • Stepped into leadership to positively influence people—not just for the money, title, or power?
  • Understands that the impact you make is not only on the business but also on the people you support?
  • Is ready to have tough conversations grounded in curiosity, candor, and compassion?
  • Wants to coach your team members to find the answers instead of telling them what to do?
  • Creates high-trusting relationships with everyone, not just when it serves you?
  • Understands, believes, and advocates that team members are the most important investment a company can make?

Are you a leader who is ready to play fully brave?



We might not be a good match if you’re a leader who:

  • Believes personal and professional development is an obligation and not needed for everyone
  • Is resistant to feedback from others
  • Complains more than solves
  • Is unwilling to self reflect and adjust
  • Avoids difficult conversations
  • Feels it's important people know you are THE BOSS