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Kristin Sauter

Leadership Coach

Kristin Sauter, a Co-Active Leadership Coach, is a native German who brings an international perspective to her coaching through her past work in the UK, the United States, Germany and points in between. Kristin’s work with Sarah and many leaders across the U.S. has allowed her to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of people-focused leadership, what Kristin terms, “PEOPLESHIP.” Kristin shares her passion and advocacy for mental well-being in her coaching with the belief in unashamedly sharing experiences and exploring healthier paths to emotional fitness using the principle of Positive Intelligence.

Kristin’s “Why” For Coaching

To connect others with their truest, most authentic self and invite them to dance with the shadows by following the light, so they — themselves — can inspire growth and transformation in others.

As a leadership coach, Kristin is a product of many influences — the inspired mentoring of Sarah Noll Wilson; her broad work experience in different countries and cultures; her drive for inspiration, learning and collaboration that grows from human connections; and the motivation, passion and empathy that she has strengthened in her personal journey to mental and emotional well-being.

Kristin recognizes that a leader can experience reservations with some complexities of the role, especially the human and emotional complexities. With this reality, she coaches leaders how to adopt an unashamed mindset of humanity in leading others. This alternative approach focuses on specific needs based on human elements like fear, uncertainty, trust and values, rather than technical components of leadership.

Kristin coaches in a relaxed, conversational and change-focused style, where her clients choose the topics and the results they want to achieve. Kristin coaches to encourage transformative action for the greatest possible impact in a safe environment, with opportunities to take risks and to explore new ideas, with no topics off limits.


Co-Active Leadership Coach

Positive Intelligence Practitioner

Bilingual (En/Ge) with 12+ years of international business/consulting experience

Mental Well-Being Advocate and Event Facilitator

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