MEET Kristin

Kristin Sauter
Head of Impact


I’m Kristin Sauter, born and raised in Germany, a former Londoner, and a first-time resident of the United States living in Des Moines, Iowa, since January 2018. As Head of Impact, I help Sarah undertake strategic and thoughtful growth planning while encouraging the Sarah Noll Wilson team to think big. The company is poised for exciting growth and I am thrilled to be part of Sarah’s team. When I’m not working for Sarah, I love spending time meeting new people and discovering inspiring stories, ideas, and opportunities, particularly those that feed my passion and concern for mental health and well-being. I have met many warm and amazing people who have shared with me their very personal stories, and who have inspired me with new ideas for reaching out to each other in support of our mental health.


Life has so many amazing reasons to be chronically curious. Right now, I am most curious about the discovery of better paths to personal mental well-being and self-care. I believe we have to develop more positive and more effective ways to think about, talk about and be open about our experiences with mental health, especially in our workplaces. Most importantly, we need to do more to help each other.


I speak fluent German. I know, that may not be considered a talent since I was born and raised in Germany. But I have to wonder how many Des Moines residents can also make this claim . . . maybe I can find the answer at Hessen Haus?


Most of us have had experiences in our careers working for bad managers and/or working in dysfunctional teams. While unfortunate, I do not believe that good managers are just born. However, I do believe organizations can create these realities with the proper tools, training and perspective. Anyone, with enough desire and proper training, can become an inspirational leader.

I will help positively impact our leaders by supporting Sarah grow and expand her outreach to become the most sought-after speaker, trainer and coach in the world of relationship and leadership development. My mission is to explore untapped avenues and to identify new methods to help Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc., grow into an exciting and thriving company.


I believe in exploring and challenging the status quo. My mantra, “Nothing Grows in the Comfort Zone,” is about being courageous and trying new ways of working and growing. This encourages me to keep learning and reaching higher goals, while also celebrating the effort and progress that leads to great outcomes.