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Don’t Feed the Elephants!

Don’t Feed the Elephants! IS AVAILABLE NOW

Overcoming the Art of Avoidance to Build Powerful Partnerships

Get ready for your next transformational read! Over 15 years in the making, Don’t Feed the Elephants! is a deep dive into avoidance in relationships, and in doing so creating a harmful barrier to success. 

Great relationships aren’t the ones where there’s no conflict, but the ones where you can resolve and recover from the conflict and thrive because of it. Where you can step into the fire together and both come out stronger. 

When we approach our metaphorical elephants-in-the-room with compassion, curiosity and courage, we’re able to dance in the moment with other people in a vulnerable way that opens our relationships to powerful possibilities. 

By the end of Don’t Feed the Elephants!, you’ll be equipped to push past your comfort zone, roll up your sleeves and get curious. 

Free the Elephants and You’ll Experience

Deeper Relationships: When a relationship faces a sandpaper moment, but we work through that conflict and repair our connection, it’s a bonding, powerful process. 

Better Ideas: When a team is free to consider all possibilities without having to navigate around elephants, true collaboration is possible. 

Clarity: Even when those elephant-freeing conversations don’t yield the optimal result, you leave with greater clarity around what’s important to you, what’s important to the other people involved, what your next steps should be, and what you need to do to be successful. 

Decreased Stress: Once we begin to have conversations about the elephant, the elephant gets up and walks away. We can breathe again, start to release that stress, and use our time and energy for more productive pursuits. 

Increased Self-Efficacy: When you take a risk to have a brave conversation and survive it, you realize you’re capable of so much more than you believed. 


You see the giant footprints the moment you walk through the door.

The conference room is a swirling mess of tension, heaviness, anxiety, and peanut shells. Something is very wrong with your team. Everybody knows it, but nobody is talking about it.

It’s obvious there’s an elephant in the room. Is it an Avoidaphant, feeding off the fears of retaliation and exclusion? Perhaps it’s a Blamephant-whom we love to feed because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Or is it one of the other five types of elephants?

No matter what type you’re dealing with, executive coach Sarah Noll Wilson knows your elephant is not there by accident. It was created, and someone has been feeding it. Is it you?

In Don’t Feed the Elephants!, Sarah explores how you can address the true elephant in the room: avoidance. She shares tips for having conversations you may be avoiding, invites you to get curious instead of furious, and shows how to own your role rather than passing blame. You’ll come away with a shared language to free the elephants you see – and the confidence to do so.

Coming Soon


A self-paced accompanying workbook will be out later this year. Expanding on the teachings in the book, we’ll give you additional reflections and practices to increase your confidence and know-how to stop avoiding issues and start freeing the elephants.

webinars & workshops

This workshop explores key concepts and practices from the book “Don’t Feed the Elephants! Overcoming the Art of Avoidance by Building Powerful Partnerships” written by Sarah Noll Wilson. This workshop is facilitated by Sarah Noll Wilson and Dr. Teresa Peterson.


Looking to listen to Don’t Feed the Elephants!? An audiobook will be available early this summer, recorded by Sarah Noll Wilson herself.

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