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Keynote Speaking


We create and deliver transformational experiences where we will talk with the audience instead of at them. Our goal is to give presentations that engage and inspire with powerful content, current research, transformative exercises, practical tips, vulnerable stories, and, of course, humor.


Powerful content to engage and inspire audiences

Current research to provide attendees with the leading-edge insights

Transformational exercises to engage and invite audience members in

Practical tools and tips so your audience leaves ready to implement change

Humor and storytelling to humanize and deliver deep insights in easily understood ways


Engage audiences with keynotes that inspire action.


From Chance to Choice: Building Intentional Relationships

We know it feels amazing to work on a productive team that can not only meet goals but support each other while doing it. Great relationships don’t just happen, they are built and rebuilt. We’ll share practical insights, grounded in science, to help create powerful partnerships by design instead of by chance so you and your organization can thrive.


Legacy Leadership: Creating Lasting Impact

Creating a positive impact seems like it should be easy, but sometimes it feels like we spend more time putting out fires than planting seeds. While time is a factor, it is not the main issue. The challenge is that we get stuck in the land of good intentions and having good intentions isn’t the same as taking intentional action. Your intentions are only as good as your impact. Together, we will explore how to close the gap between what you intend to do and the actual impact you make on others.


From Surviving to Thriving: Helping Team Members Navigate Change

We know there are real barriers moving our organizations from surviving to thriving during change. So, what do we do? We jump into problem solving. But what if we are solving the wrong problems? Being an effective leader requires diagnosing the entire situation, regulating the heat of the those around us, and experimenting quickly. Together, we will share best practices for how to lead when change is uncertain, unclear, and complex.


Becoming a Mental Health Champion for Yourself and Others

Mental health impacts our physical health, productivity, ability to innovate, how we connect to others, and most importantly it impacts how we see ourselves. Leveraging current research and best practices, combined with personal experience with mental illness as a person and a leader, Sarah will guide a conversation on what it means to be a champion who supports the mental health of others (and yourself!)


Don't Feed the Elephant! Overcoming the Art of Avoidance to Build Powerful Partnerships

We can all agree that we want to work on teams where we feel safe, do work that matters, and make a positive impact. Yet sometimes we are stifled by known problems impacting our success that no one wants to acknowledge. Congratulations, we have an elephant in the room! Together, we will explore how we can address the true elephant in the room: avoidance of what created it in the first place and strategies to finally free it!


The Chemistry of Connection: Transform Relationships with the Neuroscience of Trust

Every single moment we are interacting with someone we are either increasing, sustaining, or decreasing our level of trust with them. There is no neutral in relationships. How often do you slow down enough to see where you or the other person is on this continuum? While we desire high trusting relationships, we often leave them to chance instead of building by choice. Together, we’ll uncover the neurochemistry of trust and how to use it to improve our conversations and ultimately our relationships.


Our practical, research-based, and humorous keynotes will kick-off your conference or event with energy and insight or close out a day of learning with warmth and awareness.
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Reach out today to discuss your event goals!