Due to a new role at work, I was looking for a personal coach to help me increase my self-awareness and self-confidance. I had started working on my own personal development and was looking for assistance to push myself a bit more. As luck would have it, I attended a conference where Sarah Noll Wilson was the keynote speaker. I inquired about their personal coaches and was introduced to Memorea Schrader, a Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. personal coach. From our first introduction on, I felt at ease with her. Each session with Memorea challenged me to look at my “truths” and verify the validity of each one. Our coaching sessions were well planned out with thought-provoking homework. Memorea has an intuitive nature and was able to help me draw great insight from each assignment. Because of this, I grew personally and professionally in a short period of me. Since hiring Memorea as my coach, I have greater confidance and self-awareness. I challenge myself to do things that I never believed I could do. The benefit that I received from these sessions was worth every penny. I highly recommend personal coaching if you are interested in working on your own personal growth and development.