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What IS Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc?

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Without a doubt, after every survey asking for feedback on the newsletter, we receive multiple requests asking for an overview of what exactly it is I do and for more information on Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. After the latest survey, my team said this had to be a newsletter topic in 2020. What better day to share than the two year anniversary of my last day working for someone else. Without further ado, here is the abridged version of everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask 😉

My bio on my website and social media channels reads something like…

“An Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Transformer of Teams, Researcher, and Soon-to-be-Author passionate about helping leaders positively and powerfully impact those around them.”

Yeah…but Sarah, what do you actually do?! 

Instead of listing out the services we provide for individuals, teams, and companies, I’d like to talk about what problems we love to solve. We especially love helping people explore answers and create experiences to these questions:

  1. How do I build trust on my team? With my clients? 
  2. I have a leader who is excellent at products and processes, but not people, what can we do?
  3.  How do we have hard conversations? 
  4. I want to be better at developing my team members, how do I do it? 

We believe that we can change the world one conversation at a time. Our mission is to help people show up differently in their conversations so they can connect more deeply. We don’t just focus on what to do, but we believe it’s equally important to focus on why that problem exists in the first place. I have a lot of clients that, when they first come to me, say that they’ve read the books, had a facilitator come and talk to their team…but nothing has changed. The team still isn’t having tough conversations. They are still feeding the elephants. Or the management team still doesn’t have a high level of trust. Diving deep into why we do the things we do that are getting in our way is the first and crucial step to making lasting and meaningful change. It’s only after the ‘why do’ is understood that we can transition to the ‘how to.’ 

Our goal as a facilitators, presenters and coaches is to create meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Our approach is grounded on a core learning philosophy I call, “Following the learning” which translates to: follow the learning that is needed for the group at that moment in time, not the learning I prepared. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve stepped in front of a group to have some powerful aha moment come up in discussion that influences where we take our journey from there. While we always have a plan, we aren’t afraid to cut a new path.

These experiences happen in a wide range of settings and audiences: from keynotes delivered at a conference for HR professionals, to in-house workshop with a company’s IT Department, to intensives with a Sales team, to 1 on 1 coaching for Executives. For details, check out our website and if you are curious about something you can reach out to us as hello@sarahnollwilson.com

One final note, you may have noticed my use of WE instead of I. Yes, it’s true that for the better part of the first two years, I have been the main messenger working with our clients and I’ve loved every moment. The core support team plays a critical role in what content we share and the collaborations we create. But today I can officially tease that SNoW Co. will be expanding even more in 2020 so we can create an even bigger impact. More exciting news to come!

If you are still reading this, please allow me this moment of gratitude. On this day, Jan 31, 2018, I left my incredible employer ARAG to embark on this crazy adventure. During that final day there were tears of sadness to leave what had become my family for nearly 6 years. However, on my ride home the tears continued to flow but they changed, now they were tears of pure joy. After so many years of planning I had finally taken the biggest leap to make my dream a reality. I had no idea if I would be successful, what the work would look like and if I could survive it. I remember asking Nick a few weeks before making the leap, “Are we really ready for this?” To which he answered, “Completely, I’ve just been waiting for you ;)”

Today I sit in awe and appreciation that not only did I survive, but now WE are thriving. I never take for granted that I get to work with powerful and inspiring people every day, from my team members to our clients to you. There have been so many moments of ahas and ahems where I was fortunate to hold the sacred space while someone transformed from who they were into who they wanted to be. 

These past two years have been nothing short of incredible and I am so grateful for your support whether in opening this newsletter, dropping us a note, or referring us to someone who can benefit from our work.  While the past two years have been outstanding, I cannot even express how excited I am for the next two. We have so many exciting projects we are working on that will continue to help you develop a stronger relationship with yourself and with other people.

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Sarah, thank you for sharing this piece on LinkedIn. I saw you speak once and have been a fan ever since. Best wishes and continued success!

Thank you so much Jon for your support and being on this journey with us!

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