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Managing a Super Busy Brain

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Last week I shared my experience of starting a Twitter firestorm about ADHD in the workplace. I experienced the power of social media and how it can bring a beautiful community of people together to share their stories and insight around a topic. The power of crowd sourcing! 

The reason this all started is because I am presenting at the Iowa Employment Mental Health Conference in October about managing those with a super busy brain. (Psst…registration is now open!) I am SO passionate about this topic because it’s personal. But my passion has grown as I hear from more and more people about their negative experiences with leaders not understanding ADHD and what they needed in the workplace to succeed. 

I spent time this week completing an analysis of all the tweets and putting them into the recurring themes I spotted from the thread. I created an info graphic to share these themes. My hope is that you utilize this as a leader or pass it onto leaders you know. Get curious with those you lead. Create a culture in which they feel comfortable coming to you and talking about ADHD. I recognize these are big asks, and it won’t happen overnight. But learning about ADHD and being more aware of what your team might need is a great first step.

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